TEACHER TRAININGGrouping Games for Teaching the Language of Mathematics

Do you want to build a spirit of collaboration and cooperation in your classroom?

During Grouping Games, students work together to create and act out mathematical situations. The Language of Math is posted for all students to see while they plan and rehearse.

Students develop fluency with the Language of Math during rehearsal and when they participate in the audience during each performance.

All students are supported, particularly English language learners.

Students draw unique and imaginative portfolio pictures to share their understanding.

The culminating activities of students creating, moving, drawing, writing, solving, and sharing math problems are all strong models of higher-order thinking assignments. These lessons are appropriate for all learning modalities and can be used at all elementary grade levels. I have finally found lessons that truly meet the needs of all of our students.

Intermediate Math Coach   |   Fayetteville Elementary, Arkansas

Workshops Available

Students collaborate in small groups to plan, rehearse, and perform mathematical situations. Children use the Language of Math to precisely describe their thinking.

Other Pillars of Moving Through Math

Pattern Foundations

Students learn how patterns are the building blocks of math

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Toy Stories

Young students tell stories that bring math concepts to life.

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Math Talks

Students observe, discuss, and describe what they see

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Geometric Concepts

Students explore lines and shapes as they move through space

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