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TEACHER TRAININGGrouping Games for Teaching the Language of Mathematics (K – 2)

Using the procedures for forming and working in small groups lays the foundation for effective classroom management.

Practicing performance skills strengthens focus, creativity, and confidence.

Students create their own scenarios and use the Language of Math stems to describe their work.

About this Workshop

Grouping Games help children strengthen their understanding of mathematical language through body, visual and spatial representations of math concepts. During Grouping Games, primary students learn on four different levels:

  • through using their bodies to dramatically represent mathematical concepts
  • through collaborating with other students in small groups
  • through using the Language of Math to concisely describe their thinking
  • through using their imaginations to create original ways of representing mathematical thinking.

This arts integrated STEM program provides learners with multiple representations of math concepts, allowing for differentiation among children. All students master the correct usage and understanding of mathematical language.


Grade Level: K - 2

Number of Participants: 35

Workshop Time: 3 hours

Workshop Setup

  • LCD projector and Screen

  • Speakers

  • Chairs arranged in a semicircle facing the screen

  • Plenty of room for movement

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Grouping Games for Teaching the Language of Mathematics

Students plan, rehearse, and perform mathematical scenarios

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