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TEACHER TRAININGPatterns in Music, Dance, and Mathematics

Looking for exciting ways to take mathematics off the board and into students’ minds and bodies? Integrate music and movement with your mathematics instruction!

When students move in patterns they see, hear, and feel mathematical structures. Understanding structure moves kids past rote memorization and into the foundations of mathematical thinking.

Students explore the patterns of counting, the patterns of addition, the patterns
of multiplication, and fractions, and more!

When students work with partners to create their own movement patterns, they internalize their thinking. This leads to deeper and longer-lasting learning.

Student teams take the role of the teacher. They perform for the class and then ask their peers a sequence of questions that guide the audience to unpack the mathematics.

When kids grasp that everything in math is based on structure and pattern, they internalize mathematical habits of mind. Children discover that all mathematics really does make sense!

Moving Through Math lessons are so closely related to NCTM Process Standards and CC Math Practices that I am constantly referring to them in all my teaching. Everyone who teaches young children should do her Pattern Foundations lessons. They build such a strong mathematical foundation for number sense. What's even more fantastic is that children love these lessons! They are engaged – it is hands on/body on, and the learning is incredibly powerful. I know I will use these lessons with all my students throughout my teaching career.

1st Grade Teacher   |   Maui, Hawaii

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Pattern Foundations is a children’s STEM program that teaches how patterns form the building blocks of all mathematics. Students deeply analyze the patterns of counting, addition, multiplication, fractions, and more. Then kids look for those same pattern structures in music and dance. Through this process, students discover math patterns everywhere in the world around them!

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