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Math Objective: One-to-One Correspondence and Counting
Grade Level: For children ages 3-6
Group Size: Whole Class and Small Group Instruction
Arts Integration: Music and Movement


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Meadow Count




This award-winning children’s book guides readers to coordinate counting with movement, developing number sense, self-regulation and motor coordination. Meadow Count  was awarded 2012 Book of the Year by Creative Child Magazine!  This charming story directs young learners to pretend they are playing in a meadow. Kids count falling leaves, sleepy yawns, and strokes of sunshine as they move inside this imaginary world. Children move their bodies in different spatial directions and with varying energy levels to develop self-regulation and motor coordination. When students coordinate counting with movement, they develop one-to-one correspondence and an understanding of quantity. Reading and Moving Books help children see, feel, and understand numbers in a whole new way.

Illustrations are by Rebecca and Steven Sugar, the award-winning creators of Steven Universe.

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