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Math Objective: Decomposing and Analyzing Patterns
Grade Level: For children ages 4-8
Group Size: Whole Class, Small Group, and Individual Instruction
Arts Integration: Music and Movement


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Clap, Drum, and Shake It!




Children deepen their knowledge of patterns through chanting, rhythm, and movement using this award-winning children’s book. This story was named 2013 Book of the Year by Creative Child Magazine.  The Mathematical Association of America gives Clap, Drum, and Shake It  Two Thumbs up! Read quotes from their review:

• The book uses iconic symbols – that is, pictures that show what to do. Iconic symbols help kids transition toward abstract symbols. Iconic symbols are accessible even to babies. You can move the baby in your lap as you play through the book and point out its symbols.

• The relatively advanced idea of pattern units is introduced qualitatively (without numbers) first. This helps learners to form a strong, grounded foundation for the idea. Qualitative intros work for learners of any age, but are absolutely necessary for young kids.

• The book invites children to, “Look for patterns in the air, look for patterns on the ground.” For example, feet walking left, right, left, right, or wings flying up, down, up, down. Inviting kids on pattern scavenger hunts helps them notice many aspects and details of this topic, makes the topic stick in memory, and integrates math with the everyday world of learners.

Illustrations are by Rebecca and Steven Sugar, the award-winning creators of Steven Universe.

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