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TEACHER TRAININGThe Patterns of Rhythm, Movement, and Skip Counting (K – 2)

When children chant and move in rhythmic patterns they see, hear, and feel skip counting patterns. Students need a strong conceptual understanding of skip counting to count coin value, tell time, and make meaning of repeated addition.

Students collaborate with partners to create their own skip counting by 2, by 3, by 5, and by 10 movement patterns.

Students play outside on the “Hop, Jump and Skip Counting" river! They take turns observing and performing. Kids love to practice skip counting forward, backwards, and starting at any number.

About this Workshop

Join this arts integration STEM workshop to learn teaching strategies that move children past rote memorization into a deep understanding of number patterns. Skip counting is all about how equal groups are added on, one at a time, to build a growing pattern. But do students really understand this mathematical pattern? Can students feel these same patterns in movement? Or hear these patterns as rhythms? Moving in equal groups strengthens children’s understanding of equal groups.

In this workshop, explore arts-integrated teaching strategies that help students skip count with ease and flexibility. Students should be able to skip count by 2’s starting on both even and odd numbers. Students should master all skip counting patterns starting at any number! When students have a strong conceptual understanding of skip counting, they can quickly apply their math skills to telling time, combining coin value, and multiplication.


Grade Level: K - 2

Number of Participants: 35

Workshop Time: 3 hours or 6 hours

Workshop Setup

  • LCD projector and Screen

  • Speakers

  • Chairs arranged in a semicircle facing the screen

  • Plenty of room for movement

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