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Math Objective: Analysis of skip counting patterns
Grade Level: K - 2
Group Size: Whole Class and Small Group Instruction
Arts Integration: Music and Movement


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The Patterns of Skip Counting




In this Pattern Foundations book, learn how to help K-2 students move past rote memorization and gain a strong conceptual understanding of skip counting. Skip counting is all about how equal groups are added on, one at a time, to build a growing pattern. But do students really understand this mathematical pattern? Can students feel these same patterns in movement? Or hear these patterns as rhythms?

Patterns in Music, Dance, and Math  helps children understand all mathematics as patterns. When young children recognize the repeating and growing patterns of skip counting, they shift from being rote memorizers to mathematical thinkers. Emphasizing analysis and reasoning with young learners establishes mathematical habits of mind that last a lifetime. A strong conceptual understanding of skip counting lays the foundation for telling time, combining coin value, and multiplication.

No kids are glued to their desks during Moving Through Math! Your students will be performing rhythm and movement patterns, collaborating with partners, and driving their own learning! After enjoying active learning, students can easily extended their thinking using math manipulatives, and draw and label patterns on a 100’s chart.

Rhythm and Movement Cards are needed to teach the lessons in this book.

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Patterns in Music, Dance, and Mathematics

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