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TEACHER TRAININGTeaching the Music of Language (K – 5)

How do we help children transform their reading from a plodding monotone
into a fluid, expressive voice?

Teaching the Music of Language carefully unpacks the rhythms and cadences of language so that children see, hear, and feel the sound patterns that form the building blocks of English.

Choral reading supports all students, particularly English language learners.

Students analyze how authors use Sound Writing techniques to craft sentences and phrases. This helps children read and write poetry with accurate fluency, rhythm, and phrasing.

Students create their own poems and classroom books, featured in a classroom or school library. Children’s first choice during free reading time is always the work of their peers!

I'm bursting with ideas for next school year! The Music of Language teaching strategies will help my students become better readers and writers. PLUS kids will be able to collaborate, move, and create instead of just sitting at their desks. Marcia gave us everything we'll need to satisfy our principal -- research based strategies, graphic organizers, formative assessments, and differentiation. WOW!! Workshops of this caliber are the ones teachers use to stimulate children's creative abilities. I feel like I am teaching my own inner child!

2nd Grade Teacher   |   South Dakota

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Teaching the Music of Language unpacks rhythms and cadences so children see, hear, and feel the sound patterns that form the English Language. The Music of Language is a series of workshops and courses developed developed in collaboration with the Changing Education through the Arts (CETA) Program at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. After taking the TML Part 1 and Part 2 introductory workshops, you’re ready to explore any of the other workshops in the series!

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