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Math Objective: Measurable Attributes
Grade Level: Pre-K - K
Group Size: Whole Class and Small Group Instruction
Arts Integration: Storytelling

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff — A Story in 5 Parts



This PreK-K lesson plan includes a PDF preparing students for storytelling, five scripts, instructional videos, and assessment guidelines in math and oral language. The old tale of a hungry troll who lives under a bridge is adapted to teach early childhood math concepts when goats, snakes, giraffes, elephants, and cookies try to cross over to the other side. The story’s voices, gestures, and facial expressions help kids learn about the measurable attributes of size, length, height, weight, and thickness through child-centered humor and play.

Scripts with accompanying videos will show you how to prepare your students for group storytelling. The videos will also help you perform gestures and body movements that physically represent each of the five measurable attributes. And you’ll learn how to help your students draw story maps for each of the five stories. Each story has recommended follow-up activities for further exploration of these five math standards. Practice arts integrated teaching with your students and watch the transformation in their spatial reasoning!

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