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News & AwardsBooklist Online Reviews “Caterpillar to Butterfly”

July, 2011  |  Booklist Online

Children learn about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly in this “arts-integrated” program. Marcia Daft leads youngsters in motions that mimic those of the egg, larva, pupa, and adult butterfly. Daft discusses time-lapsed nature footage and explains the stages of butterfly development by taking the children through body positions that interpret the maturation of the butterfly. Sequences in the large, carpeted room where the group performs alternate with detailed footage of an egg attached to a swaying milkweed, a caterpillar shedding skin, and other lovely transformations. Imaginations are stimulated when the butterfly breaks out of the chrysalis and pumps up its wings.

The well-organized program includes captions, which highlight important concepts. Following the presentation, the children draw their own interpretations of the butterfly life cycle. Incorporating sensory modality into the learning process, this program combines art and science in a nice package.

— Nancy McCray, Booklist Review

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