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Explore how Moving Through Math has been working with students, teachers, and artists across the United States for over 25 years.

National Science Teachers Association Review for “Caterpillar to Butterfly”

August, 2011  |  National Science Teachers Association

Truly integrated audiovisual support is often hard to find. Caterpillar to Butterfly combines science, music, and dance to help children appreciate the life cycle of a butterfly; it would be appreciated by any preschool or primary teacher.

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Teaching the Music of Language at Cattell Elementary School

February, 2018  |  Des Moines Public Schools

Daft the adjective means silly or foolish, but Daft the noted arts educator with a client list that stretches from sea to shining sea? She’s serious.

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The American Biology Teacher Reviews “Caterpillar to Butterfly” DVD

March, 2012  |  The American Biology Teacher

Marcia Daft, a nationally known arts-integration specialist and teaching artist has produced an 80-minute DVD for students in Kindergarten through Third grade entitled, "Caterpillar to Butterfly: Adventures in Science, Music and Dance."

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“Meadow Count” Wins Creative Child Magazine 2012 Book of the Year Award

December, 2012  |  Creative Child Magazine

Meadow Count was awarded the 2012 Book of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine.

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“Clap, Drum and Shake It!” Wins Creative Child Magazine 2013 Book of the Year Award

December, 2013  |  Creative Child Magazine

Clap, Drum, and Shake It! was awarded the 2013 Book of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine.

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How Does Arts-Integrated Instruction Impact Analytical Seeing, Geometry, and Spatial Reasoning?

January, 2014  |  Waterloo District Research Paper

How Does Arts Integrated Instruction Impact Analytical Seeing, Geometry, and Spatial Reasoning? A Study of Moving Through Math Inspired Lessons that Focus on Children’s Conceptual Reasoning.

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Mississippi Classrooms Work to Integrate the Arts

June, 2008  |  Delta Democrat Times

Daft has spent four weeks in Greenville over the last two years, showing local educators how to employ chanting games to promote literacy, dance routines to demonstrate scientific processes, and group movement to teach math.

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Founder Marcia Daft on CBS News

January, 2011  |  CBS News

Marcia Daft's "Moving Through Math" program integrates music, movement, and drama with elementary mathematics - with dramatic effects on student learning!

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Moving Through Math Research

January, 2013  |  Marcia Daft

Moving Through Math addresses Teaching the Whole Child & The Common Core Standards: Involving all learning modalities

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16th Annual Summer Institute for Educators

June, 2016  |  Maui Arts & Cultural Center

A total of sixty-three teachers and one principal from Maui and Moloka‘i schools participated in workshops called “Moving through Math” at Maui Arts & Cultural Center in June.

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Artists as Education Consultants

February, 2009  |  Education Week

About 15 years ago, a new kind of school-artist relationship started to evolve. Schools began asking guest artists to connect their work to the content that students studied in the classroom.

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Arts at Cattell: DMPS-TV News

February, 2018  |  Des Moines Public Schools

Northside schools and students are working with noted educator Marcia Daft on the juncture of teaching language through the arts. We stopped by Cattell Elementary School yesterday to see a workshop with 5th graders.

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“Caterpillar to Butterfly” Wins Family Review Center Gold Award

January, 2012  |  Family Review Center

"No longer is learning confined to a book and paper / pen approach, but taken beyond what can be learned behind a desk and is combined in a powerful set of learning methods focused on one topic but on many different levels."

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“Caterpillar to Butterfly” Wins Creative Child Magazine 2011 DVD of the Year Award

December, 2011  |  Creative Toy Award

Caterpillar to Butterfly: DVD of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine

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Mathematical Association of America Reviews “Meadow Count”

January, 2013  |  Mathematical Association of America

Learning math through the arts? MAA reviewer Moby Snoodles approves!

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Old Schoolhouse Review for “Caterpillar to Butterfly”

August, 2011  |  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Marcia Daft developed this particular DVD with ages 4 through 8 in mind, but it is easy to see how the age range could be stretched on both ends of the spectrum. T

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Performing Teachers Take the Arts to Preschoolers

June, 2001  |  San Diego Union-Tribune

The master's degree from the University of Chicago, the piano study in Salzburg, Austria, and the lessons she developed for the Smithsonian give Marcia Daft the resume to come cross-country to teach preschoolers for a week.

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Full STEAM Ahead: Arts Integration & The Common Core

March, 2013  |  University of Northern Iowa

Research Project by Amy Hunzelman of the University of Northern Iowa. The review examined the relationship between arts teaching strategies and classroom curriculum, specifically mathematics.

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Mathematical Association of America Reviews “Clap, Drum, and Shake It!”

January, 2013  |  Mathematical Association of America

Learning math through the arts… Moby Snoodles approves!

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National Geographic Endorsement

September, 2011  |  National Geographic Kids Magazine

Caterpillar to Butterfly is a delightful blend of music, movement, art, and nature footage combining to tell the science of metamorphosis, skillfully presenting the magic of nature.

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“Caterpillar to Butterfly” Wins 2012 Omni Intermedia Awards

December, 2012  |  Omni Intermedia Awards

An international award recognizing outstanding television, video, film, and animation productions.

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National Parenting Center 2011 Seal of Approval Winner

March, 2011  |  The National Parenting Center

Caterpillar to Butterfly really impressed testers as being an innovative and creative way to teach children about science, dance and movement.

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Portsmouth Schools Link Learning and Art – With a Little Extra Help

April, 1997  |  The Virginian-Pilot

In addition to leading classroom exercises, Daft also held an after-school workshop on weaving music into academic lessons. The preschool program and other city educators were invited to attend.

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The Beat of a Different Drum

February, 2010  |  E-Town News

A look inside arts integration in Enid public schools with Marcia Daft.

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The Artist Residency in a Preschool Classroom

October, 2009  |  Wolf Trap

This morning, like many others, Marcia Daft, prepares for one of her most important engagements. A classically trained pianist, she has recently worked in Greece and England doing a similar program to the one that occupies her thoughts today.

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School Library Journal Reviews “Caterpillar to Butterfly”

December, 2011  |  School Library Journal

Renowned educator Marcia Daft debuts a new series based on the technique of arts-integrated instruction in this DVD that teaches viewers about the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly.

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STEM Moving Through Math Waterloo Flyer

January, 2013  |  Waterloo School District

The focus of STEM for K-12 students has risen dramatically. The Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center (GBPAC) at the University of Northern Iowa has partnered with the Waterloo Community School District since 2008 to address these needs.

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Teachers Testing Musical Math Equations

July, 2013  |  Focus Maui

Can music help teach children to add, subtract, multiply and divide? Yes, according to Marcia Daft, the founder and artistic director of "Moving through Math."

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Teaching the Teachers

February, 2008  |  Delta Democrat Times

Consultant helps local teachers connect with their students in increasingly difficult learning environments.

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Theory Uses Music and Movement to Teach Math

October, 2007  |  Northwest Arkansas Times

Linda Fritz’s third-grade students at Happy Hollow Elementary learned how to squat, twist and point their way to figuring out some multiplication problems this week.

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Artful Teaching Integrates Creative Concepts into Old School Subjects

October, 2018  |  Juneau Empire

The Juneau School District faculty weren’t just dancing for the fun of it. They were participating in a workshop focused on integrating arts into teaching math.

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Third-Graders Get Rhythmic Lesson In Multiplication

October, 2007  |  The Morning News

Fayetteville schools and Walton Arts Center team up to integrate movement with math instruction.

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Booklist Online Reviews “Caterpillar to Butterfly”

July, 2011  |  Booklist Online

Children learn about the life cycle of the monarch butterfly in this “arts-integrated” program. Marcia Daft leads youngsters in motions that mimic those of the egg, larva, pupa, and adult butterfly.

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Waterloo Teachers Use Rhythm to Teach Math

February, 2011  |  Waterloo & Cedar Falls Courier

When a teacher only talks at the board, children who learn best through movement, music, and social interaction are losing out.

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