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Math Objective: Precise use of Mathematical Language to describe math concepts
Grade Level: Pre-K - 5
Group Size: For Teacher Viewing
Arts Integration: Drama

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Grouping Games Video Library



Subscribe to the Grouping Games Private Channel and gain access to our library of PreK – grade 5 STEM arts integration videos. You’ll have access to the  Grouping Games Private Channel from the time of purchase through September 1st of the following year. Each video in the library features Marcia Daft working in the classroom, leading a group of real students. You’ll watch students learn the cooperation and collaboration rules for playing Grouping Games. You’ll enjoy seeing children develop their acting skills as they learn how to perform for an audience. And you’ll observe students lead the instruction when they perform for each other using the Language of Math. Each video in the library is labeled with a description of what to look for in both the teaching and in the student responses.

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