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Teacher Training

Moving Through Math provides professional development workshops for STEAM educators eager to bring the benefits of arts integration into their classrooms. Our trainers travel to all 50 states to present workshops, provide classroom demonstration teaching, and coach teachers. Professional development for educators includes 3-hour workshops, 6-hour workshops, multi-session courses, and Summer Institutes.

Our professional development is active! Teachers get out of their chairs and experience arts-integrated learning. We practice the classroom management and performance skills required to teach each lesson. And we all dive deeply into NCTM and Common Core mathematical standards and practices.

Our overwhelming response from participants is, “I wish I had learned math this way. I now understand things that I never really got before,” and “I can’t wait to share this with my students!”

The 5 Pillars of Moving Through Math

Music and Movement

1: Patterns in Music, Dance, and Mathematics

Pattern Foundations is a children’s STEM program that teaches how patterns form the building blocks of all mathematics. Students deeply analyze the patterns of counting, addition, multiplication, fractions, and more. Then kids look for those same pattern structures in music and dance. Through this process, students discover math patterns everywhere in the world around them!


2: Grouping Games for Teaching the Language of Mathematics

In the Grouping Games arts integration program, children plan, rehearse and perform mathematical situations to develop fluency with the Language of Math. Students develop collaboration skills working together in small groups. Children build confidence and responsibility performing for the class. And kids enthusiastically create unique scenarios that bring to life the Language of Math.


3: Moving Through Math
Toy Stories

Moving Through Math Toy Stories is an arts integration program where children use voice, gesture, and facial expression to bring mathematical tales to life. Young students manipulate small toys and found objects while telling stories with embedded math concepts. Through story telling and story mapping, students discover the foundations of math.

Visual Literacy

4: What Do You See? Math Talks

Students look at pictures or objects and describe what they see, learning how to use math terms to describe the mathematical elements of every situation. Kids start by taking turns coming to the board and sharing everything they notice. As the teacher gradually introduces math terms, students refine their observations, slowly zeroing in on the mathematics of the situation.

Creative Movement

5: Spatial & Geometric Concepts

In this arts integration STEM program children use creative movement to explore geometry. Learning moves off the page and into the children’s minds and bodies when they physically flip and rotate lines and shapes through space. Research shows that creative movement adds a powerful dimension to the development of spatial reasoning!


About Moving Through Math

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We are veteran teachers, teaching artists, and arts-integration coaches.

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What is Moving through Math?

The 5 Pillars of Moving Through Math integrate 5 different art forms with the study of mathematics.

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