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TEACHER TRAININGToy Story: Mama Scatterbird

Mama Scatterbird is a first-time Mama – she’s nervous about finding food. And she's worried about keeping track of how many eggs and how many hatched chicks she has in her nest.

The story’s voices, gestures, and facial expressions help kids learn about how quantities increase and decrease. Students explore part/part/whole relationships through child-centered humor and play.

Kindergarteners draw story maps to show their understanding of parts and whole. 1st and 2nd grade students draw pictures and write equations to show their understanding of composition of number.

About this Workshop

In this arts integration workshop for K-2 teachers, learn how to use storytelling to teach algebraic reasoning and composition of number. Join this fun-filled training to learn the storyteller’s craft of creating voices, facial expressions, and gestures that bring a story to life. Then discover how to animate small toys and simple objects while leading students in the telling of a story. As the storytelling unfolds, the number concepts embedded in the story are revealed. Students draw story maps to demonstrate their understanding of number composition.

The Moving Through Math Toy Story  titled Mama Scatterbird  teaches part/part/whole and composition of number in Kindergarten. This story teaches addition equations, number families, and algebraic compensation in grades 1 and 2. Teach this STEM story to your students and watch their algebraic reasoning soar!


Grade Level: K - 2

Number of Participants: 35

Workshop Time: 3 hours

Workshop Setup

  • LCD projector and Screen

  • Speakers

  • Chairs arranged in a semicircle facing the screen

Resources Required

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