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TEACHER TRAININGToy Story: Bunny Jump Day

The Bunny Jump garden is set up to explore multiple ways of counting – in rows, in frames, and in scattered configuration.

The story’s voices, gestures, and facial expressions help kids learn about counting with accuracy and efficiency through child-centered humor and play.

Children draw story maps to retell the story and fill frames to show their understanding of number.

About this Workshop

In this arts integration workshop teachers learn to use storytelling to teach one-to-one correspondence, counting, cardinality, and conservation of number. Join this participatory training to explore the storyteller’s craft of creating voices, facial expressions, and gestures that bring a story to life. Then discover how to animate small toys and simple objects while leading students in the telling of a story. As the storytelling unfolds, the mathematical concept that underlies the story is revealed. Students draw a map of the story’s sequence of events to demonstrate their comprehension of both the story and the underlying number concepts.

The Moving Through Math Toy Story titled, Bunny Jump Day is used to introduce one-to-one correspondence, counting, cardinality, and conservation of number. Use this arts-integrated teaching strategy with your students and experience how storytelling powerfully develops children’s focus, cooperation, comprehension, and spatial reasoning.


Grade Level: Pre-K - K

Number of Participants: 35

Workshop Time: 3 hours

Workshop Setup

  • LCD projector and Screen

  • Speakers

  • Chairs arranged in a semicircle facing the screen

Resources Required

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