TEACHER TRAININGMy Turn, Your Turn: Developing Executive Function through the Arts (Pre-K & Kindergarten)

Music and movement helps young children develop the listening and motor skills needed to follow directions.

Students playfully explore how to share the circle space with others.

Children learn how to collaborate and creatively problem solve with partners using a respectful touch.

About this Workshop

Many of our youngest learners don’t come to preschool and kindergarten with social skills already in place. Some children are not used to following group directions; some have no experience collaborating with other children; and many have never been part of a learning circle.

In this workshop, learn playful moving and chanting strategies that invite children into the joys of group learning. Discover developmentally appropriate ways to help young children learn how to listen to a teacher, follow directions, collaborate with their peers, and gain motor control of their own bodies and voices. The executive function skills presented in this workshop come from Marcia Daft’s renowned arts-integrated curriculum, Moving Through Math.


Grade Level: Pre-K - K

Workshop Time: 3 hours

Workshop Setup

  • LCD projector and Screen

  • Speakers

  • Chairs arranged in a semicircle facing the screen

  • Plenty of room for movement

Resources Required

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