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Math Objective: Comprehension of math concepts and precise usage of mathematical language
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Group Size: Whole Class and Small Group Instruction
Arts Integration: Visual Literacy

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Math Talks for Kindergarten


This book unpacks 40 Kindergarten math standard topics. What do you See? Math Talks  is an arts integration program where children act as “Student Teachers” — describing mathematical pictures while learning to use new math terms. In Moving Through Math, children never passively listen to a teacher. Kids listen to and teach each other — becoming active participants in their own learning!

What do you See? Math Talks begin by inviting students to look at pictures, drawings, or models and freely discuss what they see. “Student Teachers” take turns describing what they see while the “Audience” carefully listens to identify math words. After the Audience identifies a math word, the teacher writes it in a Language of Math box. The teacher may refer to the students’ words or sometimes add a new word to the Language of Math box. Children’s meaningful observations and conversations guide each step of the learning. Through repeated practice using the math terms, students slowly refine their observations and zero in on the mathematics of the situation.

This comprehensive book includes over 40 Math Talks that introduce and deconstruct every Kindergarten math standard.

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