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Moving Through Math Free Resources

Math Objectives
Spatial Relationships: Inside/Outside

Arts Integration: Drama, Finger Play
Grade Level: Pre-K – K
Group Size:
Time: 10-15 minutes


Homer and Fluffy INSIDE/OUTSIDE the Sandbox


In this free arts integration STEM activity use your voice, body, and facial expression to teach PreK-K children about positional language. Watch the video and follow the accompanying lesson plan to learn how to lead children in a finger play story. Use your two hands to create the story’s two characters — Homer and Fluffy. Whatever Fluffy does, Homer wants to do the opposite! When Fluffy waits inside the sandbox, Homer is determined to stay outside the sandbox! Children love singing and acting out Homer’s “I Like to do the Opposite” song!  After telling the story using their hands and bodies, young learners draw simple story maps to demonstrate their understanding of “Inside” and “Outside.”

This lesson plan includes six Homer and Fluffy finger play stories. Each hilarious tale teaches a different pair of spatial opposites: top/bottom; inside/outside; over/under; on/off, near/far; and in front of/behind.

Resources Provided

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Marcia Daft

Marcia drew from her backgrounds in music, education, and engineering to create Moving Through Math.

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The 5 Pillars of Moving Through Math integrate 5 different art forms with the study of mathematics.

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