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Teacher Training & Workshops

The Music of Language Teacher Training provides professional development workshops, demonstrations, and coaching in arts integration for educators. Our training models include 3-hour workshops, 6-hour workshops, multi-session courses, and Summer Institutes.

Teaching the Music of Language

Educators learn how to leverage the power of musical fluency and expression to teach those same skills in reading and writing.

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Imaginary Journeys through Movement & Sound

Imaginary Journeys weave together music, movement, and dramatic pretending to create rich learning environments for young children.

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Leading my first Sound Writing and Word Painting lessons was truly a breakthrough – and my students got to watch it happen! For someone who never thought she had rhythm and was very uncomfortable with music, creating my own character song was life changing. I had to practice so that I could support my students, but going through the preparation and teaching the lesson was one of the proudest moments of my career and my life. A few weeks later, I taught my lesson to a group of first grade teachers to show them that if I can do it, they can too!

3rd Grade ELA teacher, West Palm Beach, Florida

Imaginary Journeys invite students to become part of the story. Active experiences that give children an opportunity to “step inside,” create a much stronger connection than simply hearing a story read aloud. Through enacting the story together the children internalized the story structure and gained a deeper understanding. They were then able to recall more details and events in sequence when drawing their story maps. I also love that my children learned to cooperate, use their imaginations, and work together for a positive learning experience.

1st Grade Teacher, Fairfax County, VA

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This research paper documents the deep impact of music and drama on literacy

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