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Moving Through Math Free Resources

Math Objectives
Spatial Relationships, Memory and Recall

Arts Integration: Drama, Finger Play
Grade Level: Pre-K - 2
Group Size: Whole Class
Time: 5-10 minutes


Memory Box


A free arts integration STEM activity where PreK-2 students develop recall and verbalization skills when they place their math memories inside an imaginary box. After completing a math lesson, students chant and perform rhythmic gestures as pretend to find and open an imaginary box. After the box is opened, the teacher invites students to place their memories from the lesson into the box. Students then think, verbalize, and take turns pretending to fill the box with their observations and learning memories. It’s remarkable how much detail students are eager to contribute! After all students have shared, the box is folded up and hidden. This recall and verbalization strategy can be used after any Moving Through Math lesson. It’s a great strategy for teachers to hear, in their own words, what is important or memorable to our children.

Resources Provided

Marcia Daft

Marcia drew from her backgrounds in music, education, and engineering to create Moving Through Math.

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What is Moving through Math?

The 5 Pillars of Moving Through Math integrate 5 different art forms with the study of mathematics.

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News, Reviews & Awards

This unique approach to teaching math receives accolades from parents, teachers, school districts, and arts organizations.

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