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Moving Through Math Free Resources

Math Objectives
Repeating and Growing Patterns

Arts Integration: Music and Movement
Grade Level: Pre-K - 6
Group Size: For Teachers
Time: 20 minutes


Let’s Talk About Patterns!


In this free arts integration STEM video learn how patterns underlie all K-6 math concepts, and discover how these same structures are found in music and dance. Start the video to review how pattern and structure are foundational K-12 NCTM Process Standards and Common Core Math Practice Standards. Then learn how to unpack the repeating and growing patterns that underlie grade K-6 math concepts. Finally, explore how patterns are also the building blocks of music and dance.

Educators can watch this video to deepen their understanding of Math Standards and Practices. Understanding how all mathematics is based on patterns helps teachers guide students toward conceptual thinking in math. Math teachers can watch this video with students grades 3 and above to launch a learning conversation about patterns in math. You may be surprised to discover how many students are able to make deep connections between math topics, including multipication, division, fractions, and algebra, once they are able to identify and describe foundational math patterns.

Marcia Daft

Marcia drew from her backgrounds in music, education, and engineering to create Moving Through Math.

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What is Moving through Math?

The 5 Pillars of Moving Through Math integrate 5 different art forms with the study of mathematics.

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News, Reviews & Awards

This unique approach to teaching math receives accolades from parents, teachers, school districts, and arts organizations.

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