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Moving Through Math Free Resources

Math Objectives
Grouping, Addition/Subtraction, Multiplication/Division, and Place Value

Arts Integration:
Grade Level: K-5
Group Size:
Time: 20 minutes


Let’s Talk about Grouping!


Teachers and students explore the concept of grouping. Students see how groups are combined and separated in the operations of addition and subtraction. The operations of multiplication and division manipulate equal groups. And the place value system is based on a growing pattern of group sizes.

Marcia Daft

Marcia drew from her backgrounds in music, education, and engineering to create Moving Through Math.

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What is Moving through Math?

The 5 Pillars of Moving Through Math integrate 5 different art forms with the study of mathematics.

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News, Reviews & Awards

This unique approach to teaching math receives accolades from parents, teachers, school districts, and arts organizations.

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